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Production, Creative, and Touring Staff
Bugs Bunny at the Symphony
Creator / Music Director / Conductor / Producer
George Daugherty

Creator / Producer / Technical Director / Tour Director
David Ka Lik Wong

Production Touring Musicians (Rotating)
Jo Pusateri, Principal Percussion and Slide Guitar
Kelly Hale, Principal Pianist
Leo Marchildon, Co-Principal Pianist/Slide Guitar
Keisuke Nakagoshi, Co-Principal Pianist
Brenda Vahur, Co-Principal Pianist
Robert Schietroma,Principal Percussion Emeritus

Amy Minter

Art Director, CGI Producer, and Graphics/Animation Designer
Melinda Lawton

George Daugherty
David Ka Lik Wong
Scott Draper
Mark Beutel
Peter Koff
Special thanks to Keep Me Posted, Burbank

Special Effects and CGI/Animation Editor
Shawn Carlson

Sound Design, Sound Effects, and Re-Mastering
Robb Wenner
John Larabee

 Audio Mixer and Tour Sound Supervisor
Marty Bierman
Robb Wenner

New CGI Animation Elements
Lawton Design

New Animation Elements
Warner Bros. Animation

Audio CD Producers
George Daugherty
David Ka Lik Wong
Steve Linder

Sound Effects Editors
Robb Wenner
John Larabee

Music Supervisor
David Ka Lik Wong
Caryn Rasmussen

Click Masters
Mako Sujishi
Robb Wenner
John Larabee
Kristopher Carter

Music Transcription and Restoration
Ron Goldstein
Caryn Rasmussen
Leo Marchildon
Robert Schietroma
Cameron Patrick
Robert Guillory
Charles Fernandez
and special thanks to
USC/Warner Bros. Music Archives

Music Copyists
Caryn Rasmussen
Robert Schietroma
Michael Hernandez
John Norine
Jeff Turner
Valle Music
Judy Green Music

Webmaster and Website Designer
Lorelei McCollough

Video and Audio Production Coordinated
  and Executed by
IF/X Productions San Francisco

Worldwide Representation & Management

Maureen Taylor,
Vice President, Tour and Artist Management

Lauren Goff,
Touring and Production Associate

Meera Vijayendra,
Asia/Pacific Consultant


IF/X WISHES TO EXTEND ITS SPECIAL THANKS TO:  Warner Bros.; Warner Bros. Consumer Products; Warner Bros. Animation; WaterTower Music; The Sydney Symphony, The Sydney Opera House, and The Sydney Opera House Recording Studios and Facilities; The Power Station Recording Studios, New York;  U.S.C. Film School/Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television;  U.S.C. Film/Music Archives;  U.C.L.A. Film Archives;  The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity; Chuck Jones Enterprises; Linda Jones Productions; Post Effects Chicago;  Screen Magazine; and very special personal thanks to Isabelle Zakin, Bruce Triplett, Foote Kirkpatrick, Ruth L. Ratny, Mike Fayette, Rick Gehr, Melinda Lawton, and Charlene Daugherty.

George Daugherty dedicates this concert to the memory of his mother, Charlene Elizabeth Daugherty

BUGS BUNNY AT THE SYMPHONY II had its world premiere on July 5, 2013, at the Hollywood Bowl, with the Los Angeles Philharmonic

BUGS BUNNY AT THE SYMPHONY had its world premieres on May 7, 2010, at the Sydney Opera House with the Sydney Symphony; and July 16, 2010, at the Hollywood Bowl, with the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

BUGS BUNNY ON BROADWAYhad its world premiere on June 16, 1990 at the San Diego Civic Theatre; its Broadway premiere at the Gershwin Theatre, New York City, on October 2, 1990; and its international premiere on May 15, 1996 at the Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia.